About The Charity

Stopford Cat Rescue is a registered charity operating in and around south Manchester (UK) and is run entirely by volunteers.
Our charity has three simple and clear objectives to help cats in the area:

  • Homing - Finding good homes for stray and unwanted cats
  • Neutering - Encouraging the neutering of cats
  • Information - Improving the public's understanding of cats
More details are in our leaflet which can be found here ...  Stopford Cats Flyer

Our Governance

Stopford Cat Rescue is governed by dedicated, volunteer trustees and a Constitution.  The leadership team comprises:
Management Committee
Carole BarnesTrustee, Charity's Secretary, Fundraiser, Vet Runner
Hannah HillTrustee, Fosterer, Auctioneer
Diane CoffeyTrustee
Anthony AlvesTreasurer
Elaine BowkerMembership Secretary, Fundraiser