A characterful inbetweener looking for, not too onerous, work.

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Age.Around five or six.
Can live with other cats?No
Can live with dogs?Depends on the dog really
Can live with toddlers?No
Can live with children?Yes if they respect his space
Likes older families?Could do
Can live indoors only?Maybe if plenty of room
Something else ... please ask.Please call 07403 720844
Jeff is not your normal domestic cat – he’s an ‘inbetweener.‘ [not feral and not domesticated but somewhere in between] Not for him the luxury of a centrally heated home although no doubt he could be tempted – he’s more of an outside, independent sort of guy. A typical urban warrior he arrived in us in a bit of a state but the vets soon sorted that out and put paid to his bits. He did test positive for FIV but because he’s such a character we decided, on this occasion not to put him to sleep but, instead give him a chance.  We did think with less testosterone racing through his veins he might mellow, and he has but not to the degree where you’d consider him a pet.

He’ll talk to you and has the cutest cry and will, under duress, let you give him a little head stroke. But push Jeff a little bit and he’ll give you a warning hiss.  That said he’s never bitten or stuck out and he’s really just a big teddy bear.

So really he’s looking for a job as a working cat – nothing too strenuous mind and with shelter and regular food. In return, because he’s full of character he’ll support you when you’re doing outside chores and make you laugh with his antics.

If you think you could offer Jeff a suitable placement, please get in touch with STOPFORD CAT RESCUE (t: 07403 720844) and we can explore a little further ….

Please note we generally only normally home in the Stockport local area so full post-adoption support can be given if necessary but in Jeff’s case, we’d consider travelling a little further for the right home. If you are not sure, please do get in touch – we pride ourselves on getting a perfect match.

telephone: 07403 720844