Mille & Mog

Friendly sisters good with children.

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Age.Both 8 years old.
Can live with other cats?Yes - ideally together.
Can live with dogs?Not sure.
Can live with children?Both have been around children and have never lashed out.
Likes older families?Yes.
Something else ... please ask.Please call 07742 977696
Millie (Millie-me, fuss-puss, Squeaks) is a little fuss-puss! She craves attention and can’t decide which way to lie or sit to get the most amount of attention. Eventually she’ll settle. She’s very lovely and has never scratched or bitten. Often she loves to have her tummy stroked and will flop over and stay like that for ages. She’s more of the indoor cat out of the two cats and is much more vocal than Mog, especially when she wants attention (hence the name Squeaks). Millie is happy to be picked up and her preferred position is almost always on her back to be cradled like a baby.
Mog (Mog-moo, Moggy) is a really gentle, soft cat. She loves attention and will happily settle down on your lap for hours. She loves to have her neck, chin and head rubbed and is very affectionate. She tends to come and go as she pleases with long spells sat outside in the sun or hidden somewhere. Mog is not a fan of having her tummy rubbed but is happy to get picked up, her preferred position being something like you’d hold a rabbit; quite upright so you can nuzzle her head with your nose! Both cats have been around children occasionally and never lash out.
If you think you could offer Millie and/or Mog a home, please get in touch with STOPFORD CAT RESCUE (t: 07742 977696) and we can arrange an introduction so you can make up your mind. Ideally they would be rehomed together as a pair.
Please note we generally only home on quiet roads in local area so full post-adoption support can be given if necessary. If you are not sure, please do get in touch – we pride ourselves in getting a perfect match.

telephone: 07742 977696