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Updates from some of our adopters

Oliver Twist (10th April, 2019)

Oliver was rehomed in January 2019. He was found as an approximately 4 day old kitten in a box with his mother outside Windsor’s shoe shop.

Just wanted to show off my beautiful Oliver, now out and about, exploring his new garden and loving the sunshine! He has settled so well and is playing and purring and growing up so much!

Ollie is still a bit scared if too many people are about but he is growing in confidence and loves a tickle and a fuss and will play for hours with his string! He snoozes under the radiator in the living room and follows me around the house.

I love him so much and love seeing him happy and doing all the things a large kitten should be doing! When I think of how he was found abandoned with his mum, I am so grateful to have him here where he’s so loved.

Thanks again for everything,

Mags Chambers

Lola & Charlie (4th March, 2019)

I wanted just to share some up to date photos with you … Lola looks enormous on this photo. She’s really come out of her shell & is super friendly. She comes upstairs to say good morning every day & has a cuddle in bed with us.

Charlie just eats us out of house home. He’s a monkey. They love being outside now. Lola got stuck up a tree the other week but luckily she got down without any injuries!!


Elsa (October, 2018)

Elsa has been with us now for three months. She has settled in very well and has won our hearts with her cuteness.

Elsa was a cat handed over to Stopford cat rescue from a litter of kittens, which the owner at that time couldn’t look after. She was with Stopford cats for a couple of months before being offered for adoption.

It took a while for Elsa to adapt to her new surroundings, she would hide when I came in to the room. She loved her comforts as a kitten, such as a box to curl up in and hide, her mouse toys and blanket she was left with from Stopford cat rescue. Now Elsa is free to roam with a cat flap she loves to use, she often comes to sit wit me and my son when watching TV, she must curl up against me as much as she can. However, she is still not a fan of being picked up.

We are very grateful for having been able to adopt Elsa, she has become a member of our family. So, thank you to Stopford Cat Rescue. Deborah

Arthur and Perran (20th Sept, 2018)

Arthur and Perran have only been with us for three weeks although it already feels like they’ve been with us forever. Arthur loves treats the best and Perran will have anything she’s given. At about nine till ten pm they go mental – Arthur likes to pull the curtains down and balance on top of the doors! Perran chases Arthur around and she rolls on her back.

They have become more friendly and they like to have cuddles much more too. Perran is a very good mum to Arthur – she gives him a wash and a cuddle all the time. Arthur likes to watch the TV whilst Perran has a habit of lying on her back with all four legs up in the air. We all feel that they have settled in amazingly well and that they’re a part of our family.

Thank you Stopford Cats. Megan

Wilfie (was called LB)
I really loved his face (and the rest of him) when I saw his picture, I knew he was the right one straight away.He’s so friendly to people, other cats and even my friends two Shar Pei dogs – on a first time meet he wasn’t toooo scared but quite curious.He follows me all over, even to the bathroom and then follows me down again.  Loves his food and the catnip plant outside, also loves his comfort especially on the bed or anywhere really.  Likes holding a piece of jumper in his mouth while treading and purrs like mad (so cute).Sometimes sits on my desk right in front of my computer screen so I can’t see and I lean forward and then I have to rub his face with my nose (!) – he just loves having his top lip and his nose stroked and doesn’t even mind me touching his teeth!  He also just has to rest his chin on you, anywhere, he’s not fussy.He is just adorable! Janette.